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When the history of Belek is examined, it will be seen that it went until Christ. Although it is now a neighborhood, it was of great importance in the past. It was first established in the 4th century BC as a result of researches. Belek, one of the most important settlements of the Hellenistic period, remained under the patronage of the Roman Empire for a while. As a result of the Roman Empire being divided into two, Serik Belek, which was dominated by Eastern Rome, that is Byzantium, came under Turkish rule. The region was conquered by the Seljuks and entered under the patronage of the Ottoman Empire.

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King II. When it was left to the Romans by Attalos, Roman influence began to be seen in the region and the buildings began to rise. Subsequent states also reflected their architecture here, which led to a very serious historical wealth. Historical Places to Visit in Belek Belek is an important settlement center based on thousands of years of history. There are many historical buildings in the settlement center, which is known for its tourism aspect today. These buildings, which are among the places to visit in Belek, affect people greatly. The highlights of these structures and their explanations are as follows:

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The first historical structure that comes to mind when it comes to Belek is undoubtedly the Aspendos Theater. Built in the 2nd century BC, this structure has survived to the present day. Among the theaters of the Roman period, it would not be wrong to say that this is the most robust one that has survived to the present day. During the construction of this theater, attention was paid to the sound acoustics and this was one of the most important features of the theater. Although it was built by the Romans, some mosaics were added to this theater during the Seljuk period.

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Perge, the ancient city near Belek, was once the capital of Pamphylia region. Perge, one of the most special and rich cities of the Hellenistic period, is one of the best examples of the Roman Empire's urbanism. This ancient city, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, has many historical buildings. Seeing them and knowing that they are thousands of years old causes people to experience different emotions.

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Natural Places to Visit in Belek Belek, which clearly shows the characteristic feature of the Mediterranean Region, is rich in natural beauties. When the later arrangements, golf courses and other elements are evaluated together, it can be said that the expectations of the people will be fully met. The highlights of these beauties are as follows:

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Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is one of the natural beauties of Belek, is one of the answers to the question of what to do in Belek. not of Antalya, there are 7 different lakes in the region, which is leaded Falls is one of Turkey's most special spots. These lakes are connected by small waterfalls. The main waterfall is poured from about 18 meters high. The resulting great image makes people very impressed.

Belek, which is a tourism center, has different festivals for this purpose. Participation in these festivals is quite high. Salsa Festival ; This festival, which was held in July, is attended by contestants from different countries of the world. The festival, in which very special images appear, is supported by numerous institutions and organizations. Therefore, it is expected that it will soon become a European organization.
Culture and Gastronomy Festival ; This event, where local delicacies and cuisine belonging to 7 regions of our country were introduced, was started in 2011. The festival attracts a lot of attention from the local tastes of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. This festival is held in June.

Regional cuisine made in Belek cuisine, recently began to remain a bit in the background. In particular, the emphasis on food that tourists are accustomed to has led to such a situation. However, it would not be wrong to say that there is demand for these local delicacies. One of the most important ingredients of Belek cuisine is fish and the other is citrus. It is known that especially jams made from citrus products have an important place in breakfast. Other local delicacies and the list of what to eat in Belek is as follows: Hibes, Antalya Market, Ear Soup

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